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Learn about crime types

There are lots of different types of crime. You can get specialist guidance on the particular crime you’ve been affected by, but the list below isn’t exhaustive.

If you’re a relative, a friend or a young victim, there’s tailored advice for you too.

Domestic abuse

Understand domestic abuse, how to report it and how to access support.

Rape and sexual assault

Read our series of guides on reporting a rape or sexual assault, what might happen next and the support available.

Harassment and stalking

Understand harassment, stalking and the protection orders that might be available to you.

Hate crimes

Find out about hate crimes and how to report them.

Physical attacks or threats

Find out how to get help immediately after you’ve been attacked or threatened, after reporting it and throughout your recovery.

Terrorist attacks

Understand how to get support following a terrorist attack.

Additional information

I’m a relative or friend of a victim

Understand what to expect if someone close to you is the victim of a crime and how the police can help.

My close relative has been killed

Find information and support for coping with the loss of a close relative.

I’m a young victim of crime

Understand what happens after you report a crime as a young victim.

I’m a parent of a young victim or witness

Learn how to support your child if they have to give evidence in court.

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